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DAVupDoc 3.6 comes with support for DocuShare 6.X and 7 Content Intake for uploads at least 100x faster than before using DocuShare scripts!  A simple, convenient, and inexpensive template-driven program to make routine work of otherwise tedious tasks.  It works in conjunction with any imaging or printing software which exports data with a document or image file.  We've improved the user interface in the template editor with version 3.6 and removed any need for the DocuShare Windows Client when used in the preferred Content Intake Mode.


Convert image files in DocuShare to searchable PDFs

Designed for use with ABBYY Recognition Server to provide superior versatility when compared with Xerox' DocuShare OCR Module for 1/5th the price for a typical implementation.  Convert pre-existing image files and read-only PDFs into searchable PDFs or other revisable formats such as Word, Excel, and ePub formats for mobile users.  The price includes the first year of support and maintenance plus upgrades.


RS Picklist Tool works with ABBYY Recognition Server to import a plain text dump from a database for use in filling in the drop-down list for users to access when using the Indexing Station.  There is no other facility for importing this data; even ABBYY's API can't perform this function.  We can populate multiple workflows and lists at once with this new tool.  It has a GUI for setup and execution and a command line for frequently scheduled updates.  Nightly updates can ensure your Indexing Station operators have current data for the next day.