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We have a new tool for those using the Indexing Station to tag documents for exporting data to a text file that can imported into a database for use in user key-in and listbox selections.  This is our approach with customers who want database lookup capability in ABBYY Recognition Server which cannot accommodate this in any interactive way.  The tool will take a plain text dump from a database to use in filling in the drop-down list for users to access.  There is no other facility for importing this data; even ABBYY's API can't perform this function.  We can populate multiple workflows and lists at once with this new tool.  It has a GUI for setup and execution and a command line for frequently scheduled updates.  Nightly updates can ensure your Indexing Station operators have current data for the next day.  

Recognition Server is a relatively inexpensive and fairly efficient way to capture data.  Unlike FlexiCapture, it doesn't prepopulate all the fields and ask that you correct only those characters it's unsure about.  It does, however, provide the ability to work your way down the indexing fields by merely clicking on words and numbers to fill them in.  Phrases are captured by dragging your mouse over them.  You can apply data types (dates, numbers, text, etc.) so the wrong kind of information can't be entered.  Lists are easy to set up if you don't have many items in them.  If you have hundreds to thousands of items in your list ... ugh!  Too much.  That's where the RS Picklist Tool comes in handy.

This can be especially useful when you want a very cost-effective way to index documents for automated filing techniques.  We are also VARs for Xerox DocuShare and have another product called DAVupDoc that takes CSV output and applies that against a template to upload documents in a highly ordered manner.  Whether you use DocuShare for a DMS or another product or platform, but here's a solution if you're looking for one.  We can assist you in creating a custom output script for your data.  This is used to update indexing lists with contract #s, employee names and IDs, vendors, active purchase orders, etc..  It's a good solution for uncomplicated data capture applications of a relatively low volume.  If your volume of documents is higher than you can comfortably address using Recognition Server and its Indexing Station, then you're probably ready to move up to FlexiCapture, a powerful data capture platform that will significantly speed up such processes.


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