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DocuPage Pro


Upload batches of image files in any common image format including PDF to DocuShare with standard and custom metadata and have each document filed where it belongs. DocuPage Pro is a simple and convenient alternative to expensive imaging systems with proprietary release scripts when your volume isn’t high enough to warrant the additional expense of automatically capturing the data you want to use to categorize your documents for retrieval and to determine where each document should be filed. When you have small batches or just a few fields to capture, this is a highly cost-effective solution.  Includes one year of Annual Support and Maintenance.


DocuPage Pro Release 4.1

  • Expression manipulations for string values
  • New "format" option for date and time
  • New Move-To folder for processed images.
  • New Report menu option for displaying ...
    • Reports for previously submitted batch uploads
    • Content Intake Logs Folder to confirm uploads
  • Delete button to remove image files (junk faxes, etc.)
  • Better zooming and rotation features


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