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Kodak i1860

You Save:
$14,845.01 (16.79%)
Scanning speed:
200 ppm / 800 ipm
Paper capacity:
500 sheets; Paper weight: 12 - 100 lb.
Max. paper size:
12" x 24"
Min. paper size:
2.5" x 2.5"
FireWire IEEE 1394
Light Source:
Scan element:
Dual CCD
Front pre-scan or rear post-scan imprinting; optional hi-res imprinter
Bundled with:
Demo version of Kodak's Capture Pro Software
3 Month: On-Site (5x9x4)
At the high end of scanning volumes, it's all about throughput. The Kodak i1860 Color Duplex Scanner is the perfect choice for mission-critical production scanning. It's easy to use, it's durable and it adds ergonomic correctness to your scanning operation.

Demanding applications with high exception costs are
handled with ease. Documents with both text and photo's can be scanned as bitonal, color - or both - simulanuously, in a single pass, at high resolution and high speed.

Key scanning features:
> Perfect Page with iThresholding Image Processing
> SurePath paper handling that minimizes jams
> Ultrasonic 3D Multi-Feed Detection 
> Patch Reading 
> Front or Rear side Imprinting 
> Height-adjustable transport
> Color touch screen

Additional items bundled with the i1860 include:
> ISIS and TWAIN Drivers
> Demo version of Kodak's Capture Pro Software
> Installation & Operator Training is included

Operator Training:
* Covers scanner operation & care
* Class will require between 1.5 & 2 hours
* Summary of topics covered
*** Introduction
*** Review of Resources
*** Scanner orientation
*** Document journey through the transport
*** Replacement of consumables
*** Maintenance
*** Calibration
*** What type of scanning does your site do?
*** Basic printing
*** Overview of accessories
*** OCP and touchscreen overview
*** Scan Validation Tool
*** Troubleshooting
*** Service issues
*** Safety
*** Other issues

3 Month: On-Site (5x9x4)


Kodak i860 Color Scanner datasheet