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DocuShare eForms

Call/Email for proper configuration and pricing: 972-492-4428

DocuShare eForms uses proven technology and delivers worldclass capabilities at an extremely affordable price. Unlike other eForms offerings, it includes both the forms design tool (Form Designer) and a license to deploy an unlimited number of forms, giving you extensive functionality and value.
Key Capabilities and Benefits
• Save time by eliminating the need to print and fill out paper forms
• Reduce the costs associated with printing, storing, and distributing paper forms
• Improve user experience and customer satisfaction through online submission of information 24x7, from any location—inside or outside the firewall
• Accelerate cycles by automating business processes
• Attach documents, storing forms and attachments together
• Validate submitter identity to support processes that require authentication
• Reduce risk by ensuring information is not lost, misplaced, or rekeyed incorrectly
• Meet government-mandated accessibility requirements
• Shrink your organization’s carbon footprint by minimizing paper use and waste
After a user submits a completed form, it is fully indexed and available in DocuShare, enabling users to quickly find the form, view and edit form properties, and automate business processes.


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