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There are two editions of DocuShare available now, the Standard edition which provides full document management capability with a well-rounded set of collaboration tools built in such as discussion threads, blogs, wikis, subscriptions and notifications, and document routing.  The Enterprise edition adds process controls for automating routine functions as well as providing auditing tools and full workflow capabilities. 


DocuShare 7 is available Now!

This bundle includes a DocuShare 7 Standard Server, 10 read/write/manage CALs and 1 year Annual Support & Maintenance.


What's new?  Here's a brief list of the 60+ new features and enhancements ...

  • Drag & drop multi-file upload to web, multi-file download to zip files.
  • Configurable user interface (UI) elements (easier than modifying VDFs).
  • Document routing improvements.
  • Create and run workflow routing slips on the fly.
  • New Content Rule actions & management interface.
  • Lifecycle Management improvements.
  • New reporting capabilities - Type Reports and Permission Reports.
  • Allow third party apps to integrate with DocuShare through a parameterized search URL.
  • Expanded object type support.
  • Homepage improvements and options to easily change banner images.
  • Newer, faster, higher capacity version of the Autonomy IDOL search engine.

DocuShare 7 datasheet


You can get more information on both editions at our DocuShare site and view the product at the same time:

Buyer’s Lab has awarded DocuShare 6.5.3 with the Outstanding Enterprise Content Management Solution in the document management category as part of their 2011 picks.


You can also read their full report: