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Criteria First adheres to the concept of single-source reusable information.  This entails using open, standard formats to encourage data exchanges among various systems that support cross-functional goals.  We gravitate toward simple, inexpensive, effective tools to enable your staff to create, manage, and share content with each other and your customers and partners.  Information should be served to foster collaboration among your workers and interoperation among your systems. We have chosen vendors with products that often layer or compliment one another.  If your requirements don't match their specs, we'll find other products that will or refer you to other solution providers that can better serve you.

Knowledge & Work Practice Management
Recognizing the growing importance of human capital, Knowledge Management intensifies and improves the use of a company's most valuable asset. We prefer to describe it as Managing for Knowledge - developing an environment that fosters the continuous creation, collection, transfer, use, and re-use of knowledge in support of business value and performance. Our methodology involves:

Establish knowledge initiatives by defining the vision, strategy, competencies and the knowledge culture.

Assess existing knowledge resources, map knowledge flows, and identify communities of practice.

 Design processes for efficient and effective knowledge protection, transfer, and re-use across organizational boundaries.

 Design and implement technology architectures for knowledge management that include portals, search facilities, and information mining capabilities.

Technology often isn't the whole answer, but just an enabler.  You may also benefit from improving the manner in which your organization's members interact with one another.  Clearly defined shared goals, incentives, and changes in the way they perceive one another may bring about greater trust, cooperation, and collaboration.