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Best-value products

Best-value products for your organization

If you've ever researched products extensively, you'll also know the old maxim, "you get what you pay for" isn't generally true.  There are good values everywhere if you take the time to look, compare, and evaluate.  The products selected featured on this page have helped many organizations build collaborative communities of practice that connect people to their content and to one another.  These best value solutions have been selected to streamline processes and reduce your cost of operations.

Featured products

Xerox DocuShare 7
The most cost-effective and scalable solution available letting you start with document archival and workgroup collaboration and growing with you from department to enterprise with one server or several federated servers.  The CPX edition adds process automation and other capabilities beyond the advanced document management capabilities of the Core edition.  Runs on Windows and Linux.

ABBYY FlexiCapture / FlexiLayout
Capture information from pages to feed into your databases and/or to use in automatically filing your documents where they belong by using DAVupDoc.

ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices
This is a preconfigured offering from ABBYY which universally reads invoices for U.S. and Wester European countries that can be quickly set up and implemented to process invoices more efficiently.

DAVupDoc© by Criteria First
This is the universal release script we've created to take information from your data capture and print-to-file software to DocuShare.  Information extracted from your forms, documents, and reports can be used to quickly and easily create a template to determine where your documents are to be archived and associate all the relevant information as metadata so that it can be used to categorize and retrieve them when you need them.  DAVupDoc works with any document format.  A command line interface allows you to process your files in batch mode all day long.  A free 15 day trial is available.

DocuPage Pro© by Criteria First
View your scanned image files and PDFs and enter relevant information about them and select from drop-down lists.  Once your documents are "tagged" you can click on the Proof button to make sure you haven't missed anything, then Send them to DocuShare.  Your template indicates how the documents will be named and where they will be filed.  Your information about the document becomes metadata.  Expiration dates can be set for later archival.  For more information, click on the product name.

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