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Automatically upload files from your PC or file server to DocuShare.  Supports DocuShare Content Intake Module.

Choose one or more directories to watch for new files and upload them to a specific collection on DocuShare so others can securely access them.

Includes one year of Annual Support and Maintenance which is mandatory for the first year.  DAVLoader 2.0 ($299.95) with 1 year Annual Support & Maintenance ($53.99).  Subsequent year of Annual Support and Maintenance may be  purchased for $53.99.  Volume pricing is available. 



Free 15 Day Trial Download (right-click to save to zip file)

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DAVLoader datasheet


Request your product license key once you've downloaded, installed, and purchased your Criteria First product. Note the "Software code" to include for us to use in generating your license (liberation) key to activate your software.