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DocuShare Archive Assistant v2.0 from Criteria First is an application allowing for the setting of Expiration and Deletion date properties of objects in the DocuShare Content Management System. Setting of these properties is critical in the lifecycle maintenance of the data as well as for archival purposes. The DocuShare Archive Assistant can be configured to perform update processing based on user expiration and deletion date needs.


Version 2.0 was rewritten to avoid the requirement for DSAxess for ease of installation on any Windows server platform and adds the functionality to work with cloned collection objects in addition to standard collections.  An example of that would be Xerox' CaseCollection used in transferring files back and forth with the Xerox DocuShare Support staff for problem resolution.  Many customers use unique collection objects with additional properties for searching and classification of content.


The Expunger feature allows you to list documents ready to delete from the DocuShare Archive Server and highlights documents marked for Hold so they aren't inadvertently deleted.  Best practices and illustrations can be found in the Using the DSAA Expunger document.  This may be a viable alternative to the DocuShare Lifecycle Manager for tagging, archiving, and expunging documents according to schedule.



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DocuShare Archive Assistant datasheet

Screenshots of main window and configuration window


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