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DocuShare Audit Assistant

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The DocuShare Audit Assistant v2.0 is an information governance tool used to query the access history of objects in your Docushare repository.  While the Change History feature in DocuShare is very useful, it is limited to a single object per inquiry.  This can be a user or document or a calendar or other object.   DocuShare Audit Assistant v2.0 can sweep through and report on multiple objects and help you complete your audit much more quickly.  The resulting reports can be saved and printed, as needed.

You can report on one or more users or groups and specify which types of operations they may have performed on documents, collections, or any other type of object including custom objects like invoices and orders.  You then specify a date range, the type of report you want (Detail or Summary), the format (HTML, CSV, or Tab-Delimited) and how you'd like your report grouped or sorted.  Click on Generate and view your report in your browser or in a spreadsheet.


Your price is based on your DocuShare configuration (RWM CALs #), so call 972-492-4428 for pricing. 



DocuShare Audit Assistant brochure


DocuShare Information Governance using DocuShare Audit Assistant


DocuShare Audit Assistant v2.0 Installation and User Guide


DocuShare Audit Assistant Sample Reports


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