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DocuShareInfo - check the health of your DocuShare


DocuShareInfo is a Windows batch file script we've developed that extracts key information from your DocuShare server's configuration and environment along with a handful of specific log files and writes them to a folder on your server.  You will have the opportunity to review that information before uploading it to us for examination.  We use our DocuShare log parsing script to find problem areas that may consist of warnings, errors, failures, and fatal notices so that we can report that back to you along with the other information we've gathered.  The information we gather on your server is uploaded to Criteria First for further processing.  We'll compile the results in a formatted report to send back to you.  If a problem is found we can look for the cause of the problem and resolve it.  If no problem is found, you can file that as a status report on the health of your DocuShare server.  If there are other certain actions or precautions you should be taking, we can bring that to your attention.


We do this for less than 1/12th the cost that Xerox charges.  Feel free to call us at 972-492-4428 for more information.