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Let us know if there are any additional products you services you're looking for and give us an idea how you'd use them.  This would include feature enhancement requests to our current product line.  Suggestions for making our site easier and more useful are appreciated, too.  Submit your input to

Here are a few ideas to get you started ...

  1. Would anyone be interested in a utility that could check out a document object and create a new document as a different kind of object (e.g. invoice) with different properties and map existing properties over and extract data from the title to go into the new object's properties?  The original document would then be deleted.  This would not change the location of the document object.
  2. DocuShare Cloud Archive Server - similar to DocuShare's archive server, but hosted with expert administration.
  3. DocuShare Content Categorizer - we're thinking of a tool and rules that would look for key words and phrases in your documents and set your properties' metadata accordingly.
  4. Audit Data Report Archival by month or quarter.  By default, your audit data disappears after 365 days.  Extending that to two or more years swells your database and makes upgrades a bit tricky.  Would you like to retain that data longer without bogging down your DocuShare database?
  5. Employee or Customer On-boarding system based on DocuShare's XPA eForms module.  This would include a dashboard for noting progress by the HR administrator and by the applicant.  

Note any other features and requirements or special forms you'd like to see.