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Get your DocuShare DSAxess scripts off of your old unsupported server and PC platforms and install CFAxess.  CFAxess is a compatible replacement for DSAxess, the key component for DocuShare's SDK.  Commands are the same as those documented in DSAxess, many with enhanced capabilities such as the ability to log in to secure sites and using an LDAP or Active Directory account.  30 day trials are available.


Integrating Adobe FrameMaker documents and books with Xerox DocuShare.  DAVbridge brings collaborative document management and automated assembly to technical writers at an affordable price!

Call/Email for proper configuration and pricing: 972-492-4428

Now with support for DocuShare Content Intake for uploads 50X faster than before!  DAVLoader is ideally suited to facilitating routine upload processes from various PCs and servers into DocuShare so that others can benefit from having content available quickly.




DAVupDoc 3.6 comes with support for DocuShare 6.X and 7 Content Intake for uploads at least 100x faster than before using DocuShare scripts!  A simple, convenient, and inexpensive template-driven program to make routine work of otherwise tedious tasks.  It works in conjunction with any imaging or printing software which exports data with a document or image file.  We've improved the user interface in the template editor with version 3.6 and removed any need for the DocuShare Windows Client when used in the preferred Content Intake Mode.



View, tag, and automatically file your documents to a specified DocuShare collection.  Yes, we're giving this away as it can be very useful in simple filing scenarios, but if you need more be sure to check out DocuPage Pro,  

Download DocuPage and request a license key using our eform request.

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View, tag, and upload your image and PDF files.

View, tag, and dynamically file your documents to their unique destination collections.  DocuPage Pro brings the ease of DocuPage and the versatility of DAVupDoc into a single product.  Use with Acrobat Reader for viewing PDFs.  Includes one year of Annual Support and Maintenance.



Archiving your documents in digital format can save your organization significant time and money.  Set expiration and deletion dates to facilitate better archival practices.  Documents are easier and quicker to find and there are no long-term warehouse storage needs and eventual physical document destruction expenses - just delete them.  You don't need an archive server to benefit from our DocuShare Archive Assistant, just use it to tag the dates for deleting your documents without going through the archival phase.  Read about the new Expunger feature.



DocuShare Audit Assistant v2.0 is used to query the access history of objects in your DocuShare repository.  While the Change History feature in DocuShare is very useful, it is limited to a single object per inquiry.  This can be a user or document or a calendar or other object.  DocuShare Audit Assistant can sweep through and report on multiple objects and help you complete your audit much more quickly.  The resulting reports can be saved and printed, as needed. 


Call/Email for pricing: 972-492-4428

Convert image files in DocuShare to searchable PDFs

Designed for use with ABBYY FineReader Server to provide superior versatility when compared with Xerox' DocuShare OCR Module for 1/5th the price for a typical implementation.  Convert pre-existing image files and read-only PDFs into searchable PDFs or other revisable formats such as Word, Excel, and ePub formats for mobile users.  The price includes the first year of support and maintenance plus upgrades.



Easily apply one of many specific stamps to your documents indicating your company name, document type, or validity until a specific date.  This is useful for quotes, policies, procedures, pricing, and other date sensitive documents.  The stamp is applied when the user views the document.  Relative dates can also be applied, such as:

This document printed January 5, 2012 is valid for 15 days.

 - or -

This document is valid until January 20, 2012.



FS2DS is a new tool that you can use on Windows PCs and file servers to upload their content nested as they reside in their current folders to DocuShare using the new Content Intake Module that works very quickly compared to using the DocuShare Windows Client or the included DSUpload utility.