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There are two editions of DocuShare 7.5 available now, the Standard edition which provides full document management capability with a well-rounded set of collaboration tools built in such as discussion threads, blogs, wikis, subscriptions and notifications, and document routing.  The Enterprise edition adds process controls for automating routine functions as well as providing auditing tools and full workflow capabilities. 


DocuShare 7.5 new and improved features!

What's new?  The latest release of DocuShare 7.5 offers workflow and usability improvements.  Here's a brief list of the 60+ new features and enhancements introduced by DocuShare 7.0 and 7.5

  • Drag & drop multi-file upload to web, multi-file download to zip files.
  • Configurable user interface (UI) elements (easier than modifying VDFs).
  • Document routing improvements.
  • Create and run workflow routing slips on the fly.
  • Workflow Reporting
  • New Content Rule actions & management interface.
  • Improved content rules including pre-configuration, auto folder creation and inheritance
  • Collection template copy / paste enhancements
  • Lifecycle Management improvements.
  • Multiselect Viewer
  • Enhanced Document Viewer with annotations and redaction (optional add-on)
  • Document uploading through the third-party application connector
  • ERP and CRM Integration (optional add-on)
  • DocuSign Connector (optional add-on)
  • New reporting capabilities - Type Reports and Permission Reports.
  • Allow third party apps to integrate with DocuShare through a parameterized search URL.
  • Expanded object type support.
  • Homepage improvements and options to easily change banner images.
  • Upgrades will retain the Autonomy IDOL search engine while new installations will use the SOLR indexing engine which is 99% functionally equivalent.


An entry level configuration would consist of a DocuShare 7.5 Standard Server, 10 read/write/manage CALs and 1 year Annual Support & Maintenance.  Call us so we can configure DocuShare to meet your needs.


DocuShare 7.5 brochure

DocuShare 7.5 Connector for DocuSign.pdf

DocuShare 7.5 User Guide

DocuShare 7.5 Release Notes

Xerox DocuShare Viewer video on YouTube

DocuShare System Requirements


You can get more information on both editions at our DocuShare site and obtain a guest view of the product at the same time:


Request a trial


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One-touch scanning from Xerox MFDs directly to DocuShare to initiate business processes.


Add-on to DocuShare to integrate with third party software applications.


Renew your Xerox DocuShare annual maintenance contract online with Criteria First. 

Call us with your configurations so we can properly quote your order.

Call/Email for proper configuration and pricing: 972-492-4428

DocuShare Education is a special configuration for schools and higher education institutions.

Call/Email for proper configuration and pricing: 972-492-4428

Using electronic forms is a great way to capture data accurately and export the data in one or more formats for data gathering.  DocuShare XPA uses HTML and PDF formats and requires no special form-filler applications.  Routing for approvals and digital signatures is included as is a connector for saving the final forms in DocuShare where they belong based on captured information with meaningful names and metadata.  Advanced workflows are available, too.  This is a strong business process automation offering.

Call/Email for proper configuration and pricing: 972-492-4428

Manage time-based processes such as document retention and periodic review.

Call/Email for proper configuration and pricing: 972-492-4428

DocuShare Developer Environment (DSDE) suite provides the applications, APIs, and integration components specifically designed to simplify and accelerate the development of custom solutions built on the highly extensible DocuShare platform.  This lets you develop seamless solutions that meet the unique needs of your workgroup, line of business, industry, or enterprise

Call/Email for proper configuration and pricing: 972-492-4428

Need event-driven process automation and/or collaborative workspaces.

Call/Email for proper configuration and pricing: 972-492-4428

Use when full-text search with scanned images and devices-provided capability is insufficient.

Call/Email for proper configuration and pricing: 972-492-4428

Allows for tertiary storage on another server to keep the primary server as responsible and manageable as possible.

Call/Email for proper configuration and pricing: 972-492-4428